• 88KG-65KG,Joycelyn

    因为用错减肥方法导致新陈代谢变慢,便秘&水肿问题都来,我就开始服用MOFA+和Shake代餐。我是不抱太大期望,认为不会再瘦!没想到奇迹居然发生了,我平均一个月瘦了3-4kgs!体重维持到现在。后来推出了新品OLLIE,专攻减脂、减低糖份吸收,我的体型也从L 再降至 M,完全小了一个Size!感谢遇到这么好的瘦身产品。
  • Total loss 45KG,Rexz

  • Results of a week with Susenji Sculpt , Hody

    As a long-time desk worker who spends hours sitting, I understand how challenging it is to slim down the thighs! Moreover, not only dealing with thigh fat, cellulite, but also saggy skin! With using Sculpt, I never expected that in just a week, I would start to see the gaps between my thighs!
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